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EcoCubly - The New Way of Packaging


The innovative closure mechanism of EcoCubly allows a flexible adjustment of the packaging to the package contents. The void fill is reduced to a minimum and packing becomes child's play.


Thanks to EcoCubly, shipping air has become a thing of the past. The transport volume is reduced considerably and the transport efficiency is increased significantly.


EcoCubly's ingenious design is more robust and more durable than conventional packaging solutions. As a result, EcoCubly can be easily reused and offers extensive protection against transport damage.


Length x Width x Height

140mm x 110mm x 70mm


Length x Width x Height

220mm x 70mm x 65mm

250mm x 190mm x 70mm

250mm x 190mm x 120mm

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Length x Width x Height

330mm x 300mm x 120mm

330mm x 300mm x 200mm

The right packaging size for every item

Whether toothbrush or travel bag

EcoCubly - The New Way of Packaging

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