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Together for a more sustainable mail order business

Mail order business is a burden on our planet

Global freight transport causes annual emissions of almost 3.5 billion tonnes of CO2.


Around 130 billion packages are sent every year. And the trend is rising sharply.


The resource intensive production and environmentally harmful transportation of these packages are a burden on our planet.


315 million kilogrammes of paper and cardboard are processed in the Swiss packaging industry every year.


Experts assume that the packages in e-commerce are on average only 50% full. The remaining 50% is mostly taken up by void fill.


An additional problem is the single use of packaging. Most packaging solutions are only used once and then disposed of.

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Be part of the solution with EcoCubly

The perfect fit of EcoCubly leads to less void fill, minimised empty spaces and reduced transport volume. The savings in void fill lead to less waste. The reduced transport volume increases transport efficiency, which reduces CO2 emissions significantly.



With its smooth adaptability and impressive solidity, EcoCubly can be easily reused. Multiple reuse reduces the need for new void fill and eliminates the need for disposal. Therefore, EcoCubly protects natural resources.


If EcoCubly reaches the end of its lifecycle after being reused multiple times, it can be recycled regularly. Thereby, new EcoCubly are created again in a resource-friendly way.



With a global market share of 0.1 % and with reusing it twice, EcoCubly will propel savings of...

... over 65 million new packages.

... over 22 million cubic metres of water.

... 262 thousand trees.


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